Our Pregnancy

March 25th- Positive Pregnancy Test:)

April 28th- 1st appointment and ultrasound. Saw our baby

for the first time with a strong heartbeat:)

May 26th- 2nd appointment @ 12 weeks heard heartbeat at 170 bpm:)

May 30th- Finally out of first trimester, yahoo!

June 16th- at 16 weeks heard heart beat at 162 and decided to deliver at Baptist still using same ObGyn

July 1st- 17 weeks... Found out we are having a little girl:)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Boy or Girl?

Ian and I are aware this test probably has no accuracy, but we decided it would be fun to see the results anyway.  We find out for real if it is a boy or girl in about 5 weeks:) 

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